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5 Wedding Trends to Make Your Own

Wedding trends

5 Wedding Trends to Make Your Own


Wedding trends come and go, but your love is forever. The top ideas in the wedding industry may point you down the right path for planning a fun day, but beware of straying too far from your own style and not feeling that the day reflects who you are as a couple. Here are five of the current trends in weddings that you can tailor to your liking:



From Great Gatsby-themed weddings to shabby chic and thrifted décor, reinventing the past is leading more and more couples into their futures. Attempting to create an entirely vintage wedding sometimes leads to décor that feels more like a yard sale than a celebration of love. Try focusing on a specific theme that resonates with you as a couple. Do you want to allude to a time period you think of fondly? Perhaps you always admired your mother’s baking – incorporate vintage weighted scales into the centerpieces and blue ball jars as drinking glasses or votives. Are you a couple that love literature or writing? Have guests type the guest book on a vintage typewriter, and use antique books to hold floral décor. By focusing on one element from the past you will keep your day chic and meaningful while still alluding to the allure of the past.


Vintage idea 1  Vintage idea 2  Vintage idea 2


Do It Yourself

“DIY” has become a catchphrase for any couple in the wedding planning process, but just like vintage, too much can be overload. To avoid having your décor look like a child’s craft corner, stick to a few things that you are excited to do, whether that’s the favors, the centerpieces, or the guestbook. Leave the floral, the food and some of the décor to the experts and you will not only save yourself time, but you will feel less stress and pressure. Think of DIY as being your own wedding planner, finding the designs and details that will make you happy as you say “I do,” but don’t be afraid to ask for help in implementing them.


Do it yourself idea


Photo Booths

Photo booths are taking over the wedding world! So how can you make this trend your own? Ditch the booth! It will not only save you money, but will eliminate the eye sore of a large, closed off cubicle and lead to more creative and candid shots. Set up a designated photo booth space – consider creating a fun backdrop out of fabric or wallpaper, and even place seating against the backdrop. Provide a plethora of fun props for guests to model – everything from silly hats, boas, mustaches and sunglasses can create fun memories. Set up a camera on a tripod and let friends and family snap away. To create a digital guestbook, provide chalkboards and chalk for guests to write signs and hold up in the photos.


Photo Booth idea 1

Photo Booth idea 2

Photobooth idea 3



From chevron to calico, herringbone to hounds tooth, prints are making their way into every aspect of wedding day design. With this trend, less is more! Pick a pattern that resonates with you and incorporate the style or colors of your celebration and use it sparingly. Place the pattern in unexpected places, such as a pocket square peeking out of the groom or groomsmen’s’ jackets, on the bride or bridesmaids shoes, on the napkins at the dinner table, or in the paper goods. This adds unexpected intrigue and draws the eye to the details, rather than large areas of print, such as tablecloths and bridesmaids dresses, which tend to distract from the details.


Pattern idea 1

Pattern idea 2


Unplugged” Weddings

Much like the move to the past with vintage themes, many couples are asking guests to stow away the technology for the day and be present in the moment, promising a photographer will document the day. If you wish to do this, make sure to include disposable cameras at the table, a photo booth and lots of other interactive ways for friends and family to document the day. In our interconnected world it is second nature to want to share your joy on social media. Alternatively, you can use your guest’s technological gusto to your advantage, gathering all of the memories they capture in one spot. Websites such as wedoartifacts.com start the online adventure from the very first save the date, providing guests with a QR code to scan, which directs them to the wedding hub. This interactive digital space is a place where news, maps, images, videos and more can be shared, before, during, and after the big day. Likewise, try creating a hashtag that blends your name as a couple, or your last name and date, and share this with guests so they can tag any social media posts about your wedding and you can relive the day as you peruse the posts later.


Unplugged idea 1