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Wedding mass booklet basics

Wedding Mass Booklet basics

Despite coming down the list of priorities in a wedding, mass booklets (or ceremony booklets for those who don’t go the religious route) are important nonetheless.  Not only do they give the bride and groom the opportunity to introduce readers and the wedding party, but they can give guests a flavour of the type of detail that lies ahead for the day.

Mass booklets are often the last thing you will order – usually left until three or four weeks before the big day, but ideally should be ordered well in advance to give time to proof and get printed as most booklets take between one to two weeks to print and deliver.

In recent years, couples have regarded them as a more important fixture and memento for guests, however. And as such, they have experimented with styles.

Whatever the style you choose, you should always keep your reader in mind. For example, scrolls can look nice, but there is the issue of keeping them open and in your guests’ hands once they are uncoiled. 

Likewise, some priests can be unhappy with the use of ribbon, and if you’re DIYing you should make sure that the ribbon holds strong to keep all pages together.

It’s also good to produce something that people can easily hold on to as keepsakes. DC Creative thinks the A5 style mass booklet is the perfect size for this, and we produce A5 booklets with a card cover.

The mass booklet can (and we believe should) be an extension of the design of your wedding day. You can opt for a cover design that will extend through to your table names or favour boxes. You could opt for the colour of your bridesmaid dresses or flowers on the front, for example. Another alternative is to have a photo of the church on the cover.

DC Creative offers a range of cover designs, which can come in black and white or colour. We use high quality card for the cover and smooth paper for the inside pages, which are available in either white or ivory.

Between waiting for the bride to arrive and for the registry to be signed, guests will have plenty of time to pore over the text of the wedding booklet. While you should print out the ceremony proceedings – and pass them by your priest/ registrar to make sure they are happy – you can also add your own personal touches on the first few pages, or towards the end.

Quotes can be a good idea, and a simple Google search will help you pick out ones that describe your relationship, memories, or what marriage means to you. They can be fun or romantic; the choice is entirely yours. You could also use a page to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. Some people go a step further and put a poem at the end of the booklet, penning it themselves in some cases!

If you’d like some advice on what to include in your mass booklet, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.